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  • Why Vandelay Enterprises? Our Process. In an industry where competition is fierce, Vandelay Enterprises has set itself apart from the crowd by providing a more personal process in supporting clients than other companies. It begins with our unique integrated management process. We begin every project by meeting with you, learning your business situation, your needs, and your goals. It is this fundamental base that allows us to provide you with a custom solution destined to get results. We work closely with our customers, meeting and requesting approvals at project milestones to ensure our clients get exactly what they want. Our process doesn't stop when your project is done. We follow-up with our customers after project deployment and ensure goals have been achieved and your needs have been met.
  • Usability Studies. A web site or application that is not easy to use makes visitors or employees inefficient when using it and will significantly increase training time for new users. We have test subjects of varying computer knowledge levels perform a number of common tasks on your web site or application and we observe them to find and rectify potential obstacles to easy use. Most other developers assume that if they know how to use the software they create, then it must be easy for others as well. This is often not the case as some concepts might not be as obvious for those with limited computer knowledge, who usually make up a large portion of users.
  • Our Team. With nearly a decade of experience in a relatively new industry, VE is leader amongst the crowd. We have achieved this by employing a skilled team with complimentary skills. Our team is comprised of members which ensure that our solutions work with every aspect of your business, whether it be on a technical level, marketing, HR, or whatever your needs may be.

VE prides itself in offering full-service solutions at competitive rates. VE has also been recognized for exceptional service within the community.

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