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managed web hosting As a provider of complete web solutions, Vandelay Enterprises also provides their clients with affordable, feature-rich managed web hosting plans on our servers in New York. Managed hosting means that you don't have to worry about configuring your hosting plan - we take care of it all for you! Our plans are:

  • Secure. Our servers use Linux and Apache web serving software which is used by most large enterprises for secure, high-availability web serving. Frequent software updates ensure that patches are applied often. Redundant firewalls ensure that your site is not prone to hacker attacks.
  • Fast. Our data centre in New York State is connected to the rest of the Internet using redundant OC-3/OC-12 lines, ensuring top connection speed even during peak hours. Our servers have a minimum CPU speed of 4.4 GHz and a minimum of 2 GB of memory. With a very high speed Internet connection, you can expect blazing fast download speeds all over the world.
  • Reliable. We guarantee 99.5% uptime for your web site. Our data centre is protected by multiple UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) backup units which ensure your servers will still run even in the event of a power outage. In the event of a prolonged outage, diesel power generators are configured to automatically begin providing backup power. All of your data is protected by a RAID system which provides redundant data access to safeguard against data loss.
  • Feature Rich. Some of the features standard with our hosting plans are:
    • Ample web space for documents and picutures
    • Unlimited POP3 E-mail accounts
    • Unlimited E-mail forwarding and auto-responders
    • Web mail access
    • FTP accounts (including anonymous FTP)
    • Access to mySQL databases
    • SSL support (for 128-bit strong encryption)
    • Unlimited sub-domains (
    • Web based statistics
    • PHP4, GD, Perl, CGI-Bin, Sendmail, SSI, etc.
    • And more!
  • Easily Supported. Staff is always available to help you with any problems you have with your hosting.

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