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web design When properly created and maintained, a web site can be a powerful tool. Whether consciously or not, a web site projects an image users directly relate with the integrity of your organization. Research shows that visitors make judgments that form long term opinions within 500 milliseconds of visiting your web site 1. Does your web site project the image of excellence and reputability that you deserve?

Web sites that are easy to use, up to date, and aesthetically pleasing project a professional and reputable impression of the company and thus entice the surfer to browse longer. Vandelay Enterprises understands these subtleties and incorporates them into every web site we produce. Our marketing experts create sales-producing sites that turn visitors into customers.

Our sites are:

  • Professional. Our professional graphic designers will create a unique site that fits your marketing materials and strategy or we can help you develop a new one.
  • Easy to find. Your target audience must be able to find your web site in order to make use of it. We develop search-engine friendly sites and work with you to ensure that your online and traditional marketing campaigns provide the best results.
  • Easy to use. A web site that is not easy to use will frustrate users and deter them from revisiting. We have test subjects of varying computer knowledge levels performing a number of common tasks on your web site and we observe them to find and rectify potential obstacles to easy use of your web site.
  • Accessible. Your site must be accessible by a wide range of users with different configurations of computers and browsers. VE makes web sites that are cross-browser compatible and are platform independent.
  • Profitable. The #1 goal for most corporate web sites is to generate sales leads. Using the above principles and our marketing expertise, our sites get results that help your business grow.

VE builds custom web sites to set you apart from your competition. We are driven to ensure your site is like no other, while remaining consistent with your marketing objectives. Contact us today to learn how your web site can increase sales and revenue and differentiate you from your competition.

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